Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Woodstock DUI Lawyer:  Bob has been a lawyer in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia since graduating from William & Mary Law School in 1983.  Let Bob and his more than 30 Years of Experience help you with your Woodstock DUI or other traffic charge.  Contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  You can schedule at 540.433.6906 or at Info@BobKeefer.com

Woodstock DUI Lawyer: Many Lawyers fail to develop the specialized skills and knowledge base to effectively represent persons charged with DUI.  If the Accused was not illegally stopped most Virginia Defense lawyers run out of ideas.  Those lawyers have not invested in learning about the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  As an older Lawyer told me years ago, “Learn this stuff inside and out or do something else.”  I chose to learn this stuff inside and out.

Woodstock DUI Lawyer:  I took and passed the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor Course.  Most officers have no idea how to properly instruct, administer and grade the SFSTs.  However, police mistakes make no difference if your Lawyer does not recognize them.  How close should the pen be held to the subject’s face?  How fast should the passes be made for lack of smooth pursuit?  How long a hold to determine distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation?  What is maximum deviation?  What does the angle of onset mean?  What is Tharp’s Equation?  Why is it important?

Woodstock DUI Lawyer: Why were the HGN, WAT and the OLS chosen as the standardized tests?  What are the word for word instructions for each test?  Why is it important to give exact and precise instructions?  What are the actual clues used for grading the OLS?  Why are they important?  Are these three tests direct impairment tests or are they intended to establish a probability of a Blood Alcohol Content in excess of the legal limit?

Woodstock DUI Lawyer:  If the Lawyer cannot answer these questions he or she should be doing something besides DUI representation.

woodstock dui lawyer

woodstock dui lawyer













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